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Custom Drivers' Helmet

Crafting a bespoke driving helmet for 5150 AutoSport driver H. Amro, I delved into the essence of his identity, incorporating his distinctive lion sticker that symbolizes power and individuality. The result was a unique, personalized helmet that showcased the driver's cultural heritage while embodying the thrill of the race.



Drawing inspiration from the sticker, which featured a lion adorned with a Jordanian Kuffeyah, I wanted to seamlessly blend traditional Jordanian design elements with contemporary racing aesthetics.



Employing a multi-faceted approach, I meticulously hand-painted specific details, digitally illustrated intricate elements, and created precision-cut vinyl applications. The fusion of these techniques, along with subtle pin-striping, culminated in a visually striking and one-of-a-kind driving helmet that encapsulates both tradition and modernity.


Design & Application

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